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Your pension is crucial in order to protect you and your family’s standard of living when you stop working. Unfortunately, many people are too busy working to take the time to understand their exact position in relation to their pension – often by the time this is realised, it is too late.

FML are experts in pensions so contact us now and let us explain your options and ensure that when you stop working, you have the resources you need to enjoy the time off!

  • Personal Pensions
  • Executive Pensions
  • AVCs    
  • Self Administered Pensions

Life Assurance:
Protect those who you love by making sure that you have the life assurance policy that is right for you. Talk to us about life assurance and we will guide you.

Serious Illness Cover:

“Serious illness insurance pays out a tax-free lump sum if you are diagnosed with one of the specific illnesses or disabilities that your policy covers. It is also sometimes called critical illness cover. It is often sold as an extra benefit on a or mortgage protection policy.”
Nobody wants to be diagnosed with a serious illness but should this happen, having cover in place will make your recovery much smoother – talk to FML and we will discuss your options.

Savings and Investments:
If you would like to start saving or already have savings to invest, talk to us. We will understand your personal circumstances, your appetite for risk and show you your options. You have worked hard for your savings so before you invest these, make sure to speak to the experts at FML.
Income Protection:
Have you ever considered how would you support yourself and those who you love should your income be interrupted? This is an unpleasant vista but one that can be mitigated against. Make sure that should your income be temporarily cut off for any reason that you have the funds to get you through. Talk to FML and we will show you the options available.

Mortgage Repayment Protection:
The thought of losing one’s home is a frightening one. We have a natural affinity with our primary residence and the thought of losing it is one which we do not like to even consider. However, if for any reason mortgage repayments cannot be made for an extended period, the possibility of losing one’s home becomes a real one. Don’t expose yourself or your family to this risk – talk to FML about protecting your home should things go off track for a while.